Meet Joe Tuman


A Public Servant. 
Not Just Another Politician. 

Joe Tuman’s life has been about public service. Throughout a career spanning 30 years, through teaching government and law at a public university, with service to numerous Oakland community organizations focused on safety, jobs, government reform, education, and the arts, and from his in-depth, on the ground experience of the ins and outs of local government, Joe Tuman has developed a deep knowledge of how this city functions—and often doesn’t.

But Joe gained that experience from the outside. He’s not part of any City Hall machine. As Mayor, Joe Tuman will have the freedom to shake things up...


In The News

Oakland mayoral hopeful Joe Tuman touts specific police plan

There are more than a dozen candidates vying to become Oakland's next mayor, and each one will be judged on his or her abilities to address an issue widely regarded as the most crucial factor in the November election.


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Rough Time for Quan

San Francisco State University professor Joe Tuman also had a solid evening. The former debate coach and longtime TV news commentator is an excellent public speaker who clearly enjoys being in front of large crowds. Throughout the year, he'll likely compete against Schaaf for the moderate pro-law-and-order vote, and during...

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Campaign Updates

Minor League Leadership

The abysmal handling of the professional sports facilities negotiations in Oakland

By Joe Tuman, candidate for Mayor of Oakland

For years, the citizens of Oakland have experienced a complete failure of leadership on the part of Oakland’s Mayor Jean Quan and the Oakland City Council’s representatives on the...

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A Safe Oakland

Last week over 400 Oaklanders gathered to listen to the candidates speak about public safety in Oakland. They sent a message loud and clear -- We cannot move forward as a City until we address the persistent violence that plagues our neighborhoods. 

The residents of Oakland deserve to feel safe....

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