Joe Tuman for Oakland Mayor

Meet Joe Tuman


A Public Servant. 
Not Just Another Politician. 

Joe Tuman’s life has been about public service. Throughout a career spanning 30 years, through teaching government and law at a public university, with service to numerous Oakland community organizations focused on safety, jobs, government reform, education, and the arts, and from his in-depth, on the ground experience of the ins and outs of local government, Joe Tuman has developed a deep knowledge of how this city functions—and often doesn’t.

But Joe gained that experience from the outside. He’s not part of any City Hall machine. As Mayor, Joe Tuman will have the freedom to shake things up...


In The News

‘Outsider’ mayoral candidates call for change

Mayoral candidates Bryan Parker, Courtney Ruby and Joe Tuman gathered outside City Hall Thursday to deliver a joint message, less than a fortnight from November’s election day: Out with the old, and in with the...

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Phillip Matier and Andrew Ross on the Oakland Mayor's Race

As the Oakland mayoral race goes into the final stretch, poll after poll continues to show Councilwoman Rebecca Kaplan as the front-runner — with her opponents in a tag-team relay trying to elbow past her.

“A lot of it is based on the latest polling,” said candidate Joe Tuman, referring to a recent KPIX/Survey...

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Campaign Updates

We Can Win This! Help Air Joe's Last TV Ad!

We've got just five days before the election and the latest poll has me trailing the frontrunner by just 4 points - that's within the margin of error! We also just got word that I am one of the top two choices for Mayor of the former President pro tempore of...

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New Poll Says Tuman Can Win This Race!

According to a poll just released by KPIX-TV, we’re in a dead heat with the Mayor, and trailing the frontrunner by just four points – that’s within the margin of error! And with 11% of voters still undecided, KPIX rightly declared “It appears any one of five Oakland mayoral...

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