Meet Joe Tuman


A Public Servant. 
Not Just Another Politician. 

Joe Tuman’s life has been about public service. Throughout a career spanning 30 years, through teaching government and law at a public university, with service to numerous Oakland community organizations focused on safety, jobs, government reform, education, and the arts, and from his in-depth, on the ground experience of the ins and outs of local government, Joe Tuman has developed a deep knowledge of how this city functions—and often doesn’t.

But Joe gained that experience from the outside. He’s not part of any City Hall machine. As Mayor, Joe Tuman will have the freedom to shake things up...


In The News

Why Did Labor Oppose Transparency?

By Robert Gammon, East Bay Express

"...only one of the top candidates — Joe Tuman, a San Francisco State professor — has received at least half of his donations from Oakland residents (57.7 percent)."

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Oakland Mayoral Candidates Talk Tough on Issues Facing the City

By September 5, 2014

A staggering number of candidates hoping to become the next mayor of Oakland — 15 to be exact – are competing for voters’ first, second and third Read more    |    Share

Campaign Updates

Oakland Pastors Endorse Joe Tuman as FIRST Choice for Mayor

This is a “game changer!” On Monday night I participated in a Mayoral Forum held by a diverse, broad-based coalition representing 200 Oakland pastors. Their mission: determine which candidate could best move Oakland forward. After extensive debate and deliberation, Pastor Gerald Agee of the Friendship Christian Church, announced the final vote tally...

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Joe Still Only Candidate with a Real Public Safety Plan

Back in May I put out my 5-point plan to address crime in Oakland. At the time, I was the first Mayoral candidate to propose a comprehensive public safety plan – and now, 3 ½ months later, I’m still the only campaign with a detailed strategy to...

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